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Beautiful Beckham! Beckham came to us as a 7 or 8-year old Maine Coon mix and he will be 20 this coming summer. He has always been the perfect picture of health until his recent diagnosis of diabetes. Our youngest daughter, Kris, called me up and said that a guy where she was employed had a friend who was moving to China to teach English. He couldn’t take his cat with him, so she said she would help him find a home for Beckham0. So, without missing a beat, a few days later we went to meet the guy and his 17 lb. furry friend and walked out with Beckham.

We could tell that Sean was pretty upset having to part with Beckham. Someone had dumped him off in front of his home as a very young kitten. Sean said that Beckham was with him through high school and through college. He said they took a lot of road trips together, but now in his early 20s he wanted to explore the globe and took a leap of faith and took a position in China, later moving on to Australia. I haven’t written to him in quite some time. I need to catch him up on his beautiful boy. I told him if he ever came back to the states and wanted his old friend, he could take him back even though we are very attached to him. I have always had the belief that you are not an “owner” but merely a guardian with a beautiful being passing through your life.

Beckham is quite adaptable and rolls with the punches around here with always a lot of dogs. A couple of our dogs wanted to chase him when they first arrived, but Beckham hauled off and clocked them across their muzzles and it was respect right off the bat. Once again, Beckham loves Jerry, but he comes to me sometimes to be fed or to be brushed. He doesn’t particularly want me to pick him up though, and of course, I respect that.


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