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Donkey Serenade

This adorable donkey is one of two donkeys that reside at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. I am partial to this little guy, because in the six years I have stood and admired him, he has always brayed softly to me, which I call a “Donkey Serenade.” I would like to think he is looking for a long lost soul mate, rather than a handout.

​The donkey, being a member of the equine family, is so unique in many ways. One of the first things you notice about them is that their tails are more like a cow’s, covered with short body hair, ending in a tasseled switch. Their manes are always stiff and upright, although there is always the exception to the rule that it can grow long enough to comb down to one side.

On my travels throughout the U.S., in search of Longhorns, Brahmans, Herefords, etc., I have noticed that donkeys are a natural aversion to predators. Although a donkey is very friendly, they can severely discourage any canine attacks on a herd. One Brahman ranch I visited had two donkeys per pasture to discourage any unwanted presence. The ranchers have told me that they are excellent guard “dogs.


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