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Headin’ to the Barn

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving last week. We spent the day with one of our daughters and her family and had a great time - wonderful dinner and wonderful companionship. We really did take pause and take note of how grateful we both are for our amazing family.

I think I have finished this “Clydesdale” moseying along for dinner. Horses always know what time they are going to be fed, as they will hang around the gate and wait to be let in so they can go to their stalls to dine. I love the way the brilliant yellows peer through the ripples of gray clouds. The yellow seems to kiss this horse’s mane, body, and lightly touch the feathers on his legs. When you think of 2,000 lbs. gracefully strolling along as if there is not a care in the world and light as a feather, ever so softly and absolutely serene it makes goose bumps go up and down my spine. I loved painting this handsome fellow. I am rather pleased about the way he turned out. Initially, I thought, wow, this is quite a challenge, but I tried to just get that out of my mind and just let the painting happen.


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