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I absolutely love this sanctuary. Before I go any further, in case you are interested, the website is Every time Jerry and I visit Kris and Blake, or I go alone, I get to visit the sanctuary. This amazing sanctuary is located just outside of Denver’s north side. It houses over 650 lions, tigers, bears, wolves, as well as other species, i.e., foxes, servals, coyotes, camels, as well as leopard, panther and Emu, all of whom had been rescued from an illegal or abusive situation.

Word of note: “Tens of thousands of Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores are living outside of the Zoo system in America today, and an incredible number of these animals can be found suffering in peoples’ back yards, basements, apartments and garages.” Law enforcement and animal welfare agencies throughout the U.S. and other countries rely on The Wild Animal Sanctuary to help save these animals.”

While we were visiting the sanctuary, we learned that the sanctuary staff had gone to a Ukraine zoo to bring back 14 lions that had nowhere else to go.

This sanctuary is absolutely amazing. Anything I say doesn’t do the facility justice is well worth visiting by anybody who cares about the welfare of animals to explore the site and see exactly what they do and how they operate. To see many of these animals, you take a walk on an overhead walkway that is a 3-mile round trip.


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