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  • What is a Giclee? (pronounced zhee-clay)
    Derived from Merriam Webster: A process by which high-quality prints are produced uding an ink-jet printer; a process that involves squirting microscopic dots of ink onto archival paper or canvas. The ink is absorbed, giving the piece a look very close to the original. The name is derived from the French verb "gicler" meaning to squirt, or more accurately, in this case, applying an extremely fine spray of many different sized droplets. The application of the inks in this way is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print.
  • What is meant by a limited edition giclee?
    In our case, this is a giclee (i.e., print on canvas) that will be produced a limited number of times from an original painting. Once the limit has been reached, no more limited edition giclees will be produced. The giclees will be signed by the artist (Kathy Winkler) and will be numbered in the form x/y, where "y" is the limit associated with the image and "x" is the number of the giclee in the series of "y" giclees. The maximum number of Limited Edition Giclees for any one image will be 100.
  • What is meant by an Open Edition Giclee?
    These are giclees that are unsigned and unnumbered.
  • What is the expected delivery time for a purchased giclee?
    The normal delivery time will be within 2 weeks (10 business days), once we receive your order. If there are any exceptions to this schedule, either a general message will be posted on the website (e.g., holiday period), or you will be notified at the time we receive your order.
  • What are the common characteristic of a giclee purchased on this website?
    All giclees will be printed on canvas, will be 1.5" deep, and will be ready-to-hang.
  • What is the return policy?
    Returns are allowed only for giclees that are physically damaged. The purchaser is responsible for shipping costs of the returned item. The giclee must be returned using the original packing materials. Once we receive your notification of the damaged item with description of the damage and a photo of the damage, we will provide you with return address information. On receipt of the returned item, a replacement will be ordered.
  • Are Special Orders available?
    Special Orders of a given giclee will be available for giclees that are larger than those identified on the website. For pricing of a Special Order item, send a message here
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