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Luc came into our lives about the same time “Red Man” or “Grizzly Bear” decided to join us. Like Bear, Luc resided a short time at Friends for Homeless Animals in Leesburg, VA. Luc found me one late afternoon after work when I was in the kitchen preparing medications for a few of the occupants. At first, I didn’t notice this lovely orange tabby because I guess he was curled up in the back of his quarters and didn’t make any sound. As I was standing at the end of the corner of the countertop measuring and writing names on the different little containers for the medications, a long arm reached out and grabbed my elbow accompanied by a very soft meow. I stopped what I was doing for a minute and petted this lovely feline’s leg and went back to my chore. I finished the medications and went to give them to the residents in need. I went back into the kitchen and cleaned up the counter and put everything back into its place. The long arm reached out to me again. This time, I opened his quarters and petted this friendly being. Then, I took him out and held him as he curled up into my arms. I was coming back in the next couple of days, but I told him I would adopt him and take him home. So, I called the person in charge of the adoptions and told him the story and said I wanted him or he wanted me. That was it. The next time I went out to the rescue, I paid his ransom and took him home with me.

Luc got along just fine with our four resident pups. In fact, the two orange beauties (Bear and Luc) turned out to be best friends. Luc’s story from the rescue was that a volunteer, who gave her time to Friends, found the feline in her neighborhood. Some people moved from their residence and left the little guy behind. She said that for days he followed people around going on walks with them and slinking into their houses. So, she decided to bring him to FOHA. My lucky day.

Luc always kept me company on his very tall perch while I painted. He didn’t care for me to pick him up, but he loved Jerry. But, still, he was a very lovable feline.


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