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I always love to see what I wind up with at the end of what is officially, what’s now, a painting calendar. The international publishing house that takes my images notified my agent that they will only be accepting paintings in May of each year, rather than whenever you have some to be evaluated for publishing. So, I wound up “my collection” for the past 6 months or so and lined them up on the sectional to scrutinize them and see if I should nix anybody. I thought, hmmmmm, it is better if I let them eliminate what they don’t want. I am blessed that they take over 90 percent of my work.

The truth be told, I cannot believe I produced 13 paintings in less than a year. Let’s see, I was railroaded a few times during this time. I had surgery on my foot in January, which is still in a boot. I cheat and stand on it to paint. I figured it is good for the soul! My brother passed away last month, and we went to Texas for a week or so. This is just life itself. Quite a journey. Astonishingly so, I love painting because it is good for my soul and keeps me humble and grateful, as well as unbelievably thankful for every day that I can paint.


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