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A Little Dip (2.2)

Examining what steps I need to take to finish this painting, I carefully survey the entire canvas and take mental notes, especially where I should start so I can get sort of a flow going. Looking at the two Longhorns, I will work on the one on the left. I need to have more of a looseness on the reddish “topnotch” on the head, as currently, it is too stiff. I will have to soften up the front hoof that is out of the water and make sure that I highlight the edge of the hoof to bring it out into a 3-D effect. Next, I will tackle the water bubbles and splashes, starting out with a muted gray, followed by sharp white edges to accentuate the volume of the bubbles. I still have this longhorn’s tail to paint. I plan on painting it as it swooshes to the side to give a little more animation to him. I don’t have much to do on the reddish longhorn on the right. I still have to paint his front right knee and a tiny bit of leg by the side of his face. I need to bring out the tail area a little more. I think I painted it out when I painted the background. I need to outline and smudge the horns on both longhorns to draw them out more. I will then size up the whole painting and take a look at the water to see where I can use more waves. And, I softened up the ridge where dirt meets grass a bit, adding a little grass in the water. After all of these adjustments I will see where I am and if I call it a day with this painting, as well as see if I need to make any more improvements.


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