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This past week, we had a very special house guest with us for a few days, while his guardian angels had a holiday. Brody, is a Goldendoodle we helped foster a couple of years ago, while he was trying his best to find a new home. It was difficult because Brody has special needs. He has Megaesophagus.

Dogs that have Mega E have a hard time swallowing, meaning that water and food can’t correctly travel to the tummy. So, they have to have a special chair where they can sit up and eat, as shown in the photo. If this condition is not addressed properly, it can cause fluids and food to accumulate inside the esophagus, which then can lead to vomiting and/or regurgitation. He has had a couple of close calls with a previous “owner”, where his unsupervised condition led to aspiration, which does lead to pneumonia.

Brody’s condition led to 3 different households. The sad thing is that if the first owner had gotten surgery for him as a puppy, this condition could have been 100% corrected. After a dog is grown, it is too late for surgery. Long story short, this 70 lbs. of total love is nothing short of a canine Einstein. You absolutely cannot help but love him, as he is quite a character with a huge vocabulary, and love, as you can see him rolled over on his back in Jerry’s lap.


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