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A Teachable Moment III

It felt so good to finish this painting!!!! I was determined to finish out 2021 with the grande finale, but it wasn’t meant to be. It took longer than I expected. But then, I never plan on how long it takes to finish any painting. It takes as long as it takes. I just love to keep painting. Of course, life happens. I had surgery on my right foot, January 13, and have been on crutches. I’m not sure how long that will be. For now, I have a cast on my foot and leg. I was told I would graduate to a boot, and I’m no newcomer to boots. Accidents happen. It will be my fourth, and hopefully the last.

Getting back to my painting. I love the energy I created with the little girl, Elise, taking in whatever her dad is saying to her about herding or cutting cattle. There is obviously a story created here between father and daughter. Elise was no stranger to horses, by age 3 a seasoned rider, as she started riding at age 2, and through her formative years won many a championship in the rodeo ring, either roping or goat tying. I don’t know if there was any barrel racing in that mix though.

I still had the sky and some of the ground to paint, as well as horse tails, highlights, and nit picking a bit here and there. But, I finally just put my brushes down, and said, that’s enough. Now, I’m looking forward to a couple of longhorn paintings, a bear swimming across a lake, a mama donkey and baby (to match a previous donkey painting I did last year). I make a list of paintings I want to accomplish every year. They are not in any kind of order, it is just used to inspire me when I am ready for something new..


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