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Many of you will remember the welcome home I got in May, but this one on Saturday after our Outer Banks Thanksgiving holiday was so amazing. Jerry went through the garage to the kitchen door, and I went in through the front door. He let them into the hallway one at a time, Katy, being first. As you can see, she is one joyous puppers, talking softly to me, actually wanting me to stay at her level for a long time. And, then, there comes Darth Vader or sometimes affectionately called Stealth Bomber Aka SB71. Charley is so light on his feet, and uses those powerful long legs like a springboard. He pirouttes as high as he can, and yes, he nips, but it is with deep love that he does. He snakes his body around talking as he expresses his delight in our return. Only thing is, with the nipping, he leaves little bruises on my arms and sometimes sides. We are honestly trying to break him of the nipping, but the lad gets so carried away, he is filled with abandonment, and I get at least one bloody arm out of his gregarious welcoming home. We have lots of bandages though. When we scold him, he is or seems rather apologetic, as his body loses size and he sort of shrinks to tall rather than giant sized. Sometimes, I think it would be better to wear body armor than to scold him for something that he obviously thinks goes along with greetings. I do think one day we will be able to break him of nipping. Everything takes patience. Otherwise, Charley is a very well loved and well-behaved puppers.


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