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I Think being devoted to our furry friends is an understatement. Here is a prime example of the love and devotion from us to our furry friends. This time, it is Katy that grabs the limelight. She tore her Cruiciate Ligament (CCL) some time ago, and we chose the alternative approach over surgery. Well, long story short, the treatments seem to be working, but then Katy must have twisted or turned, etc. Who knows? Because, this time, she tore her CCL and had some major repair, complete with a large plate, pins and screws.

Of course, we do whatever it takes to help Katy lead a normal active life. So, the first few days, as you can see, her 2nd day, she has to be hand-walked with very little movement for a week, along with icing and heat to cut down the swelling. Notice the “lion” cut, as we prefer to say, rather than the hairless lower part of her body. So far, she has been an exemplary patient.

The surgeon said we could expect her to be running by the 12th week. I’ll let you know at that point if she made the goal post.


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