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Baby Ice and Me

I just loved this little filly! I bought her right after her mom died from colic. My goal was just to save her. I never thought about not saving any helpless animal. I just did. “Baby Ice”, as she was affectionately called, was orphaned at 17 days of age – her registered name was Crimson Ice.

She immediately learned to drink her formula out of a bucket, and she was a scrappy little thing. She had an impressive lineage - great-great granddaughter of the famous racehorse “Bold Ruler” on her mom’s side. Her sire was an absolutely gorgeous, dapple gray Belgium Warmblood who had won many a “strip” class. Baby Ice placed first premium in the American Warmblood Inspection. She was a beautiful rose gray, but as she aged, she turned lighter and lighter.

Now for the sad part. I sold her as a 6 year old to a family who swore up and down they would treat her like the princess that she was. In fact, they were endorsed by my trainer, who was just as shocked as I was that led to her untimely fate. I won’t go into it here, but tragedy happens all the time with horses. You don’t know what you don’t know. So, I will just leave you with “Ice” was an absolutely, wonderful mare, as well as beautiful.


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