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There is nothing quite like painting these beautiful longhorns. They are not only addictive to own from what I understand, but they are pretty much like potato chips, you can’t have just one. They come in a kaleidoscope of patterns, and a wide range of colors. This guy is what I would call “loud”. What a beautiful layer of patchwork. Not only does he have a beautiful face, but his horns are magnificent.

I have started putting a second layer of paint down where I create muscles and curves. I’m really drawn to painting the face first because it is glaring at me and says, “paint me first.” I will totally paint this longhorn to the finish before I touch the background. But, right now, the foreground speaks of light colored wheat looking grass, and rather tall. I’ll most likely leave the sky a light blue and paint the horizon white with Naples yellow.

Each of these paintings, no matter what the subject, is truly an adventure for me. It is always a brand new day for me.


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