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Best Friends

I love to watch this bay Thoroughbred and his best friend, a Paint horse; these two buddies play endlessly it seems.

Often, when I am riding one of my horses in the outdoor ring, I hear a crackling sound of hooves on small twigs and leaves, and then thundering in and out through the trees, chasing each other across the running stream in their pasture.

They will stop, turn around and start picking at each other, usually biting at each other’s lower jaw, legs, and withers. If it is near feeding time, they are always sparing with each other at the gate - just nit picking. It is amusing how one will run up to the other to surprise the heck out of the other one.

Two of my horses are best friends as well. If I take one mare out to ride, the other one will follow me to the gate and stand and holler for her best friend, even though there are 6 other horses in the pasture. They simply enjoy each other’s company. Recent studies prove that horses that have been pulled away from their friends, will remember them when they come back together, often after being apart for several years. Actually, that seems like a no brainer to me.


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