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Bison Blog – 18 January 2021

About painting! My painting animals isn’t just about painting them. For me, it is knowing who they are. Then, allowing us, as artists, the observers of nature, to be allowed to catch glimpses of their lives. I’m truly in awe of them and what they are about. To capture a look that draws and gives out energy is amazing to me, as well as inspiring. Take this bison bull, for example. He weighs approximately 2,000 pounds, can turn on a dime and jump 8’ feet up in the air at a standstill.

Here he is, his guard down as he is enjoying a relaxing pause in a body of water. I love the way he is standing in the water, just relaxing, with driplets of water cascading from his mouth and his beard. The eye closest to the viewer is methodically looking inward, as if he is in some kind of meditation, focusing on how good the water feels on his body, as well as quenching his thirst.

Kathy Winkler


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