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I decided to put away the bison painting from last week. The photo from which I based the painting was given to me by a friend who had been to Yellowstone in June and had taken a lot of photos of bison. I got to thinking that I remembered telling her I could not use any photos that had the name of the photographer, who took it, on the pic. I check every time she sends me photos and discovered there was one. So, it got me thinking that I needed to ask her again before I changed up the entire painting. She assured me that it was fine. But, I decided to put it away for a few days and work on a Longhorn bull, who really looked like a “BOSS MAN”.

I had run out of photos with bulls posed the way I wanted “him” posed, so I found a Longhorn website in Clebourne, TX, and contacted the rancher about this photo. He said he could hardly wait to see what I did with the painting. So, I blocked this bull in, and I am now laying the second groundwork for building up this guy to a gorgeous brindle and white, also freckled, longhorn bull. I, too, am anxious to see how he turns out; in fact, I am excited.


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