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Brooke and Thistle

This is the final “jumping” photo of third generation Winkler horsewomen. Brooke has been propped up on a horse since a baby, sometimes sitting in the front of the saddle with Kiley at a horse show, or the front of the saddle with her mom. I have many photos of her hugging horses, as well as other animals.

Brooke started taking lessons when she was about 5-ish and rode ponies. Then, after a few years, she graduated to riding Thistle and continued to take lessons. She was just learning how to jump when she had to cut something out of her hectic school schedule, one being captain of the junior varsity volleyball team. She still carved out time to ride, but on a more casual basis.

Brooke is graduating from Miami University of Ohio in May of this year with 3 majors and one or two minors. She has been on the Dean’s list as well as the President’s list since her first semester. She Is going to work for a Chicago-based transportation company in June, and then breaking for 8 months to teach English to French students in the Normandy region of France until April of 2022 and then back to the transportation company. She plans to get a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

As for horses, Ronald Reagan, Sir Winston Churchill and Will Rogers, as well, said that “nothing is better for the inside of a man, than the outside of a horse.” How true it is. And now it is recognized to be true for women and girls.


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