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We welcomed Charley (previously called Charcoal, aka Cole) last night close to midnight. Charley is half Bouvier de Flandres and half Standard Poodle. He was supposed to be our foster pup, but in less than 12 hours, he has managed to capture our hearts with a soft salesman’s approach, i.e., jump on her lap with 2 front feet just close enough to give her a kiss and how about extending a paw, seriously, to Jer. And, oh yes, why don’t I just sit between them and swing my head left and right so they can see my beautiful face. And, never, ever forget to follow them around wherever they go. Never mind that I was comfortably lying down almost asleep, and then goes Jer up the stairs. I must follow him to make sure he sees me. Lastly, he started out this morning not wanting to get off the bed and explore the house. It was his safe zone. I even gave him breakfast on the bed - he claimed. Fortunately, later in the morning, I encouraged him to hop down (I gently pulled his leash) and join the “party”. He met Katy and she is tolerating him – knowing that she was here first, but I believe they will turn out to be best buds. He met Beckham and went the other direction when Beckham greeted him with a loud Hisss!

We think he is a “KEEPER.” Did I say that?


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