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Cibola Farms Visit 8-13-22

Jerry and Kathy visited Cibola Farms on Saturday 8-13-22 for the purpose of photographing bison for Kathy’s art subjects. We try to visit the farm every year during rutting season because the bulls are more active.

The season is generally July 15 – August 15. We had not been able to get there until the 13th because the temperature had been unbearable, and then when we visited, the bison were not very accommodating for photos.

We did have the opportunity to visit with one of the owners, Mike Sipes – see photo, and were able to discuss with him his process for developing and maintaining his herd of 350 bison. Cibola emphasizes producing healthy bison using sustainable, humane, natural, and ecological methods.

Owner, Mike Sipes

From a review on the website, “This is not your charming country store with homemade jams and handmade Halloween decorations. They had some bison hide wallets. A horn you could buy for $20. But 90% of this place is freezers filled with bison meat. They have ground beef, hot dogs, sausages and some type of beef jerky or something, but the highlight are the steaks and roasts. They sell various parts of the animal including t-bones, ribeyes, I think I saw a porterhouse, sirloin, ribs, oso buco, loin and other parts. Precious loves the oso buco which is hard to find even for cow meat. The prices are VERY VERY reasonable. Compare these prices to online delivery bison meat, and, I mean, forget about it. The rices are much lower.

We bought a couple of bones for Katy and some ground bison meat for Jerry for bison burgers. (Note, this is primarily a vegetarian/pescatarian household, but Jerry indulges his past diet every once in awhile.)


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