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This gorgeous Clydesdale draft horse looks like he is ambling towards his barn and maybe bed down in his stall and have dinner waiting for him. I love the colors in the sky with the orange, yellow, purple, gray behind the horse, not to mention the melancholy look in the horse’s eyes as he softly lifts one giant hoof after the other towards his goal. The amazing thing with this horse is he weighs 2,000 lbs. plus or minus, and more than likely over 17 hands in height. Of course, as I progress through this painting, I will not put so much mane over his eyes, but keep the sunlight on his wispy mane, right side of face, and of course all four legs, catching the billowy feathers cascading down his his forelegs. I found this photo on one of the draft horse sites and I asked the person who posted it of his horse, if I could use it as a basis for a painting. I held my breath as I waited for an answer, and was overjoyed that he said yes.


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