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Continuing the Search for Painting Subjects

Twelve days ago, Kathy and I began a trip to visit our daughter in Colorado and to look for animal subjects for Kathy to paint – refreshing her library. This involved visiting Estes Park, where recently warning signs were put up warning tourists to maintain a safe distance from visiting elk. When we arrived, they appear to have returned to their mountain retreats. So, we decided to go to the mountains to see if we could see any elk – we went to Rocky Mountain National Park.

As we drove through the park, we saw only three elk <photos to follow in later blog>, but we enjoyed the sights. It was a bit brisk at 12,000 feet, and above the tree-line, but the views were outstanding.

Next day, we went to the Searle Ranch, outside of Monument, CO. The beautiful skies were gone. The temperature had dropped considerably from the day before, and there was no sun to warm us, in the brisk winds. We had a great visit with the owner of the ranch, and we enjoyed taking photos amongst the cattle. Blake, Kris’ husband, became a ranch hand, herding longhorns.

More story about Searle in later blog.

After resting over the weekend, we went to our second longhorn ranch – Casey Ranch Longhorns near Yoder, CO. The weather had turned back to beautiful. Here, we were really amongst the longhorns. We had a great visit with the owner of the ranch, who is also a longhorn judge. He had recently returned from judging longhorns at an International Championship show.

More story about Casey Ranch in a later blog.

The next day, we went to We have been there several times over the years and enjoyed every visit


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