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I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would have liked this past week on this grizzly gliding through the water. Our goldendoodle, Katy, had Cruciate Ligament surgery last Thursday, so we have both been at her side, or our sides as it really is, to keep her from moving around too much. So, we are at her beckon call.

I am already loving the emotion that this grizzly bear is creating within me. I can already see the little bubbles around his body as he glides to the other side of his little pond. I have all the dark colors laid down, and I am now ready to add paints that are a little lighter in color - being careful to paint the nooks and crannies of this wonderful creature. This photo is not the best one I took of him, but the only one I got of him in the water. So, being at a distance, I couldn’t get any detail, except that he was shedding. Obviously, I won’t paint him shedding, but prefer to paint a lovely coat on him. I also looked on the web for lots of grizzlies with eye shapes that show the rims around his eyes mention his eye color. I plan on painting his eyes to where the viewer connects with him.

Hopefully, I can progress a bit more on his big fellow before next Thursday. I am excited to see what actually develops into an emotional moment in time.


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