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Crockett came to us as a two-year old. He was half German Shepherd and half Husky. His owners couldn’t keep him because he bit the ear of their two-year old daughter. Unfortunately, he was reacting to an unfortunate situation, because that is what dogs do. The daughter was eating in her feeding table, and the resident kitty perched up on the little girl’s shoulder.

So, we understand that Crockett went after the kitty because there was food in-between him and the kitty, hence, the little girl was in a very compromising situation. However, the dad was very angry and was on his way to have Crockett put down, when we got a phone call asking us if we would take him. Well, of course we would and we could. It turned out to be a win-win situation, as he was a wonderful dog, and was with us for 14 years plus. The next pup to join us was Shiloh, our next story.

The photo above are three dogs who lived with us at the same time – Max, Crockett and Duchess.


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