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Don’t Fence Me In

Why would anybody want to fence in this senior Texas Longhorn steer? The 1934 Cole Porter song was sung by so many famous artists, i.e., Roy Rogers, Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, The Andrews Sisters, and Ella Fitzgerald. One would have to think that no matter if you are a two-legged or four-legged creature, we all want our freedom.

Just as the song goes, “give me land, lots of land…let me ride through the wide open country that I Love…Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze.” Simply put, don’t fence me in.

I found this big fellow in the Plains in Northern Virginia. I have visited this herd many, many times, and this guy with the big handle bar twist horns is almost always in my face, just biding his time and observing. He always just stands there looking regal, while I take advantage to sketch him, observe his markings, and watch the way he moves.


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