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Dusty with Pooh Bar

Dusty came to us as a 5-week old puppy that had been dumped in an open field, along with a litter mate. I was riding my daughter’s horse under the power lines in a suburban area when one of the riders galloping ahead heard whimpering near the woods. She got off her horse and walked over to where she heard the sound. By that time, the three of us that were trailing her galloped over to where she was. She had picked up one of two puppies and was holding it in her arms. I picked up the other puppy and mounted the horse again and we rode back to the stables where we were all boarding horses. No one wanted the puppy I carried back, so I took him home.

I walked into Jerry’s office while he was busy working at his desk. I said I had a surprise, and he wheeled around and almost fell over backwards when he saw the puppy. Bear (i.e., Pooh Bar) was getting up in years, so I thought a puppy might give him “purpose”.

Dusty turned out to be a little terror, but we kept him and worked to train him. He was a stubborn little guy, but he was fun. Bear tried to keep him in tow, but that never happened. When Bear passed, in came another surprise, Duchess, who joined our family. A story about her will follow next week.


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