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Kathy's First Blog Post

Well, let’s see here…my very first blog. I have written one in my head everyday for a very long time. But, I need to back up and tell you I barely even do Facebook. I admire people who take the time to engage family and friends in the written word, as well as photos, but I simply live with email and text messaging. I’m surprised when I see one of my daughters and their spouses dining with friends in a faraway restaurant or hiking in the mountains, wine tasting, volunteering at one of my favorite places, i.e., pet shelters (of course, one of my daughters posts photos of the pups and kitties up for adoption…and I want every one of them) and I had no clue where they were. Ouch!!!! I have to remember that they live in a different world and that is the way they connect. They assume everybody is on Facebook. Their connection is all about sharing an experience and keeping family (yes, I said family) and friends up-to-date. What a great way to stay connected with all the busy schedules we all live. So, I’m the one missing out. Now, I am getting down to the meat of things, so to speak, and deciding to go on this adventure of blogging or engaging with people who are interested in maybe what I feel about art and my art in particular.

As a young person growing up, I drew horses in school, rather than listen to what I thought was a very boring person standing in the front of the room. My report cards notoriously reflected, sweet, smart child, but day dreams way too much. If I wasn’t drawing horses, I was dreaming about them, especially on road trips with my family, as I could see myself galloping across the open fields in Texas. I would get Roy Rogers comic books and duplicate Trigger with a No. 2 pencil (average drawing utensil) in full detail on a really big poster board.

Really, anything to draw horses. I wanted to know how they were built, so I studied their skeletons, musculature, the way they moved, their eyes, their coats, and well, just about everything about them. I love them passionately. Now, that being said, I love all animals with just sheer abandonment. Each species is magical and bring to the table something different for us to learn from. If we stop and really open our hearts to them, we have a potential plethora or smorgasbord of lessons to teach us. Amazing, don’t you think?

I think I have much to share in the weeks and months and years to come. I learn as much or more from the people I share my work with as the enjoyment I get from creating my paintings from my heart and just letting an animal tell his/her story. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you. I hope you join me every Friday to share a moment in time.


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