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I bought Forbes (gray) and his half-brother, RJ (chestnut) when they were 4 months old weanlings. They were probably about 6 months in this pic. They were two of the sweetest horses. They are both registered warmbloods. When Forbes was 3, he was shown on the line in conformation classes, and took a second at the Upperville Horse and Colt Show, Virginia. I rode him for a few years, but then sold him to a man who loved horses, but knew nothing about them. All he wanted to do with Forbes was to walk and sometimes trot, but not canter on a beautiful 17.1 hands gray, now white, horse.

That was a perfect home for him because although Forbes had a kind heart and was a real sweetheart, often-times he would be in touch with his thoroughbred side and simply not listen to the bit and was ornery. I know; he gifted me with a serious compound fracture to my right humerous (lots of pens, screws and a titanium rod), crushed scapula, torn rotator cuff, torn ligaments in my upper right arm, and all the ribs on my right side were fractured. However, that didn’t stop me from hopping on him when I was able and go cruising around.

I gave R.J. (registered name Jubilant Romance, which I didn’t like, nor did I like J.R., so I just did a switcheroo. I gave him to my granddaughter as an early graduation gift, and she rode him and jumped him like a pro. She was like her mom, as they both could jump their horses “over-the moon.”


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