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Got that Look

This video is about two bulls that “Got that Look”. The bison has a very soulful, reminiscing look.

The longhorn bull is one of my very favorite bulls to paint. He’s “got that look”. He is not smug or out to get anything, e.g., as a threatening rival - just confident and impressive. I love the color of this bull - red and white. I thoroughly enjoy painting the different patterns in bulls like this one. I have decided to make the background fall colors with a little green, because I am pairing him up with another bull (speckled black, grey and white), same size painting, and that one is a snow scene. The jury is still out, but I haven’t totally decided if I am going to scrap them in lieu of a 16” x 20” canvas rather than a 20” x 20”. I am giving them my best try before I make that decision.


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