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Young bears spar with their siblings in order to survive in the wild, always honing their skills. I thought I was finished with this painting. I put it away for a few days and just took it out, and of course, I see things staring at me rather blatantly, i.e., the bear standing on his hind legs needs his left ear lightened up, along with a little more red and yellow ochre in his head (too much light brown, not enough color), and I could lighten up the stark places in the ground a bit. I’ll just have to work with this later, because I don’t want to make the raw ground too obvious, but still create interest. I’m a little tired of working on it, and by golly, it needs to be out of my sight a few more days before I can tweak it a bit and move on.

I am anxiously awaiting starting these two bull paintings, a black -baldy (white-faced Hereford/Aberdeen Angus cross) on the right and the Brahman cross, maybe mixed with Longhorn or Charolais. These two bulls were National Finals Rodeo (NFR) bulls and were owned by the very famous rodeo contractor, Harry Vold. So, I am chomping at the bit, so to speak to break ground with these two very impressive bulls.


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