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Happy Thanksgiving

Jerry and I want to wish everyone “Happy Thanksgiving” and thank you so very much for always taking the time to follow my journey through painting and life. I absolutely love the fact that you want to tune in every week where you can follow my adventures with painting. For me, that is very exciting and you inspire me to keep moving forward. Time is precious, and probably like most people, you don’t have the time to throw it away.

Plus, I try not to waste your time. I just always feel so blessed that I am not only passionate about my painting, but that I can, and always strive to do my very best to not only represent each subject in the best way possible but share a story along with it.

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to share my feelings with you and let you know how blessed Jerry and I are, in so many different ways. You live long enough and you experience health issues that you can either let it get you down or you can take charge and focus your energy on something productive and a positive outcome. That positive attitude has allowed us to live gratefully for the positive outcomes that have occurred when my various ailments have been corrected. We are also grateful that Jerry’s health has been very good.

Our daughter, Stephanie, had a near fatal car accident when a truck ran into her head-on. Of course, it has been a struggle, and she still faces more surgeries, but maintains that sunny disposition that she has always had and keeps moving forward, as challenging as that may be. We are so thankful that she survived the collision.

We are also blessed with the health of Teddy, our goldendoodle elder statesman of 12 years who was diagnosed with cancer in February of this year, and by following a homeopathic protocol seems to be in remission over the past couple of months. Our younger goldendoodle, Katy, was diagnosed in late fall of 2019 with a partially torn CCL (a dog’s version of an ACL) and we were pursuing the possibility of surgery. The universe stepped in when Jerry called for an appointment with the pups’ acupuncturist. In talking about Katy, the receptionist said we should talk to a local vet about his non-surgical approach to resolving CCL issues. Katy was treated using Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and lasers, and she is almost back to normal except for periodic tune-ups.


could not do what I do without the support of people like you, including my web designer, Deb Newman, owner of Petite Taway who not only always encourages me, but tirelessly gives suggestions and never seems to pull out her hair when we mess up. Thank you again for your friendship and your support.

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