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Hook 'em Horns 1

The beautifully spotted longhorn bull on the right (I understand his name was Tom) and the brindled trophy steer (William) on the left were really old hands at playing “hook ‘em horns.” They both had massive horns.

When they first started sparring, and looking like they were going to butt heads, I really wondered how in the world were they going to do that without breaking a horn or getting locked with their foe’s horns. The amazing thing is that they would charge each other and clattered their horns as they butted heads, and then pull back and look at me before doing it again and again. I loved it.

They did it several times before departing and munching grass side by side. I loved the way they kept nestling their horns to fit just right in order to get that right feel. Longhorn, like many other mammals play and just show off. They know where their horns are at all times. It doesn’t matter how long the horns are, they can get out of tight spots without a scrape or broken horn. Their horns grow their entire lives.


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