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Interrupting Life

I had plans on showing photos of my daughter, Steph, over fences on Wadsworth at the Middleburg Classic, followed by her daughter, Kiley, showing her horse Thistle, and then Kiley's sister, Brooke, just learning to jump. I gave them all frame prints (5 in a vertical row) labeedl, "Live, Love and Family" for Christmas this past year. I thought it would be fun just to have a blog on each one, since I started this whole "horse" fever. And, whatsmore, 3 generations.

So, my plan was a bit interrupted, as Steph had a head on collision 3 weeks ago, as you can see from the photo of her red SUV. She was hit by a guy in a company truck leaving McDonald's. The guy said he choked on a french fry and hit the wrong pedal, jumping three lanes and over the median, landing on Steph's SUV before rolling off on its side. Sheriff said that the french fry probably wasn't all the problem. He did walk away with no injuries. The sheriff did say that as he got out of his own car and started walking over to the wreckage, he had decided no one could have survived what happened.

They say when it is your time, you go, but if it isn't there is always a miracle. Well, Steph survived. She had to be cut out of the vehicle, tying up traffic for over an hour and a half both directions. Her left femur was broken in 5 places, bone coming through the skin. Surgery with rods and pins, and of course, acute rehab. It is a very long road to recovery. She is home now, wheelchair in tow, walker and surprisingly great spirits.

I had to laugh because I checked my progress with fitbit this past Monday and Steph had almost 13,000 steps. Mind you, she cannot put weight on her left leg at all. This was all hopping on her right leg, which is secured in a hinged brace, otherwise she couldn't stand on it. After her left leg heals, she has to have reconstructive surgery on her knee and the ligaments to restore use.

Telling you is a wonderful healing process. Thank you so much. We all have much to be grateful and blessed.


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