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Izzy and Jack Companion Pet Paintings

I am continuing on with my four canine companion paintings. I stated earlier that I was going to try to finish Izzy (Beagle) on the left and Jack (mix hound) on the right. Mission accomplished!!!!! I do get so much joy from leaving the eyes to the end so that I hope they are proud of how I presented them. The person taking the photo of Izzy was taking the photo looking down at her, but I readjusted her eyes and the highlight to where she is looking back at the viewer. Otherwise, she looks disengaged. In other words, not connected to the viewer. In Jack’s photo that I used to create a painting, his neck was cut off and some of his lower jaw line, so I had to reconstruct him to show his throat line. He appeared to have his left eye slightly off and not so much together with the right eye. But a few tweaks here and there and walla, it is now in harmony with his right eye. Now, on to the two remaining canine friends, Lucy (Chihuahua) and Stella (mix). After this blog, I started blocking in Lucy and very happy how the painting is going. I also blocked in Stella, and I am satisfied that I will be able to pull her muzzle out a bit and widen her head a tad so her head looks like it is in proper relation to her body. That’s it for this week. I’m not sure I will have either of the next two finished next week, as they are much larger canvases and a lot more dog and surroundings.


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