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Izzy, Jack, Lucy and Stella

Last week I showed you 4 blank canvases I was going to prepare to paint 4 companion pups on. Since then, I have blocked in the 4 pups. These first 2 canine friends are a beagle (on the left) and a mix (on the right) that I have laid the down the foundation for 2 paintings. I worked out the small kinks as to dimensions. It is imperative to get your dimensions right before you start painting or it most likely will not work out. So, I eyeball a lot, along with my 12 inch ruler to make sure everything is in proportion. I do like to use paint that I can let come through to the next layer, but may not be able to do that for the pup on the right, since he is more yellow than reddish. I’ll just have to see how that is going to work out. Next, are the 16 x 20 canvases with Lucy and Stella adorning the surfaces. I originally thought I would paint a dramatic pose of Lucy all by herself, but then the more I looked at her, the more I thought I have to put a pillow and a throw to balance out the pillow, as she graced “her” sofa. Satisfied with that, I went on to Stella. I moved her over to where her head now occupies the top quarter of the canvas. She has a rather smallish head for her body, so I’ll try to compensate for that by bringing her muzzle out notably and highlight her head. I am hoping to have the 2 smaller 12 x 12 canvases completed by next Thursday. At least, that is my goal.


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