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Kathy Winkler and Wadsworth

Me and Wadsworth jumping over a wall. Wads was what one would call a dream horse. We got him for our daughter Stephanie, when she was 12. He was considered a large pony hunter, which is under 14.2 hds. He was a skotch under 14.2 hds. without shoes.

Steph won many championships on him in large pony hunter classes in many horse shows in Virginia and Maryland. I had several horses over the years after him, but none ever compared to how versatile and funny and whimsical Wads was. He was pretty close to human.

That boy could jump anything you put in front of him and simply sailed. He would try anything. The highest jump I ever put him over was 3’ 6”. I know Steph would jump him 4’ and over. He had so much heart and personality. We bought him as a 10 year old and he lived with us until he passed at 33 years.

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