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Kathy Winkler's "Struttin’ On”, May Cover New Mexico Stockman’s Journel.

One of my images, “Struttin’ On”, graces the cover of the May issue of the New Mexico Stockman’s Journal.

As struttin’ on implies, Roosters do have a way of strutting their stuff. I was fixated on this beautiful rooster. He had the most amazing emerald green body. I loved the way his neck sports a white mane cascading down to his body. I tried to find out what kind, but didn’t manage to do so searching on the internet.

Meanwhile, I had this amazing photo I had taken of a Sicilian donkey at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, NM. He was always looking at something with the most interesting look on his face. He was also a busy body. I loved the way he would simply waltz around his pen, as if he owned it, which he did, but shared with another donkey. But, you could tell he ruled the roost.


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