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There are several libraries around the Fredericksburg, VA vicinity that show artist’s work on a monthly basis. I am thrilled about my exhibit of 12 paintings that grace the walls at the atrium entrance of the Main library, Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL), in downtown Fredericksburg.

There is rich history associated with the very beginnings of this library, which came to fruition in 1969, but originated from 1822, growing in many different ways. The Wallace Library was established in 1907 leading up to the CRRL system formed in 1969. The CRRL system was formed as a model to demonstrate the value of public library service to the region. In 1969, the City of Fredericksburg donated the Lafayette School Building which was built in 1906. There are some very interesting facts through the years, and far too numerous to list here. It is an honor to have my art work gracing the walls of this beautiful, old school building.


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