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Longhorn Drive by Design

I have to say, this painting has been a long time in becoming a reality. I started it at least 5 years ago - maybe longer. I have pulled it out to paint several times, but guess the stars weren’t aligned, because I put it back on the shelf as quickly as I put it on my easel and stared at it wondering if I should tackle it again. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that complicated. Well, surprisingly enough, I decided, what is the worst that can happen, I simply will either love the result or put it away permanently. So, I decided to give it a chance to have a life of its own and see what I could do with it.

I have almost finished painting the longhorns. I painted out the cowboy on the right-hand side of the painting who is leaning down a bit and focused on the longhorn next to him, in lieu of having this fella stare straight ahead. So, I painted him out, and decided to add one or two more longhorns to the right of the tan longhorn, and lastly, the cowboy. After that, I will focus on the landscape, i.e., provide more definition in the trail, some scrubby grasses, and maybe some hills in the back. I’ll do the trail before I decide on the sky and hills.

Again, thank you for joining me, and hopefully, I will see you next week with a finished painting. Hope springs eternal, right?


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