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Longhorn Samurai

I am now on the second bull of this pair. I haven’t quite finished the bull on the right, as I need to paint a little wear n’ tear on his horns. I always put my paintings away out of sight for at least two weeks before I go back to them and scrutinize them and see what changes I need to make before I can declare a painting finished. Now, I am working on the second of these two bulls. The one on the right I found on a longhorn ranch in Salida, Colorado. The one on the left was on a ranch near Lampasas, Texas. I love the browns and blacks in this bull. He doesn’t look like he is over 4ish. His horns have a lot of blood flow which you can see in younger bulls’ horns with their reds and purplish hues. Their horns grow until the day they die.


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