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I am really quite excited about painting “Longhorn Spa Day”. I found these Longhorns in The Plains, VA. I was on my way to see my horses, and lo and behold, I drove into the pasture with the rancher’s blessing, bumping along in my SUV down to the “water” hole where the Longhorns were hanging around the upper edge about 2 or 3 feet above the water.

I really wondered why they weren’t going into the water, because it was a very hot day. As if on cue, they woke up and decided to cool off. Then, one at a time, they migrated into the pond. It was heaven to me, because I don’t often see Longhorn in a body of water; but then when I do, I can hardly wait to paint what I see.

I do plan on painting a mate to the one you can see that I am working on. I just need to do a little more sketching to see what is going to complement the one I am now working on.


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