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Lookin’ for Subjects

This past Friday (Sept 23), we had our first cool, Fall day. Kathy had been wanting to go to the East Coast Longhorn Classic Longhorn exhibit and auction, so we headed for Culpeper (pronounced cull pepper) VA to see what was on exhibit. We spent a few hours walking along and among the pens, and taking pictures of the cows and their calves, and of a few magnificent bulls.

When we decided to mosey on, Jerry checked and found that the Cibola Bison Farm was only about 15 minutes away from our current location. So, that was our next visit. As you may recall from an earlier blog, our previous visit to Cibola was a bust as far as getting some photos was concerned. This visit was much more rewarding. For both of the above locations, we took many photos, and those photos will be the basis for our next two Tuesday blogs.

As I mentioned in our intro above, this was not only an exhibit; it was also an auction. Since you may not have been to a cattle auction, we decided to bring a little of the auction to you in the attached video.


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