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Lucy the Chihuahua Companion Pet Painting

I just finished Lucy, the chihuahua. It was such a pleasure to paint this lovely canine companion. When I blocked her in, I hadn’t really planned on the throw on the sofa and the throw pillow, but somehow, she just looked better surrounded by familiar items. I have one more commission painting for the year and then I return to my commercial work.

The final dog is Stella, a lovely mix. I plan on painting the stairs in the background rather faint, as blocked in - they are too dominate. I also blocked her in and made her muzzle and head appear to be larger than the actual photo I have to work from. I’m excited, but a little sad I don’t have anymore dogs to paint.

I absolutely adore painting dogs, cats and horses. I never know what kind of dog I am going to paint until I receive an email or a phone call. I just love that!!!!!


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