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I am almost finished with this absolutely gorgeous longhorn bull. I still have some finishing touches to the dewlap because I got the left side of him a little off, so now I need to match the left with the right. Then, I’ll add a wash on both sides with a little flesh color. I mentioned last week that I had to paint the background and at the time, I didn’t know what I was going to do to give the bull a wow factor, not that he needed one.

As I was painting the sky, my thoughts went to painting mountains in the background to give the painting a complimentary wow factor between the bull and the mountains. Then, I painted wheat looking grasses and highlighted the bull in some areas. I still need to take him apart under light and see if I need to highlight any areas that could use a little boost. I am planning on starting a couple of bear paintings and a couple of moose candidates in the mix.


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