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My Studio Mates - Teddy and Katy

Katy on the right and Teddy on the left. Here are my guys on their ortho beds, chilling out with me in my studio - a daily occurrence when I start painting. This is our ritual. The pups are so in tuned to me that when I am preparing to paint, they immediately get up from wherever they are, and come and stand in front of my easel until I retrieve their beds so they can be as close to me as possible. After I have painted for 2-3 hours or so, Teddy will get up and come and put his muzzle in my left hand which is dangling by my side. It never fails. I know that when he does that, he wants a “chew” or maybe a “cookie” or just to go outside. The two are such great company. I couldn’t ask for better companionship.


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