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New Beginnings with a Grizzly

You might recall I had started a longhorn painting I called “traffic jam” but, I had to scrap it. The reason is because I had to give the ranch credit for the use of the photo, even though, I was making it my own. Too complicated, and of course, the publishing house most likely would not take the painting because they would have to publish courtesy of that ranch below the image of the painting. So, I reluctantly put the painting away, far away so I wouldn’t think of it.

I have decided to paint this grizzly in the water with droplets of water cascading off the front of his fur. I took this image when I was at the Wild Animal Park outside of Denver this past May with my daughter Kris. I am really excited about pursuing this adventure, along with the other blocked-in image of the head of a bison, where I will primarily focus on his eye and silhouette. Hopefully, I will get far enough along the rest of this week and have something to show you next Thursday.


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