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Original Art Work for Sale – Keepin’ Up

I am taking a new twist on Tuesday morning get togethers. I have spent a lot of time talking about our companion pups, horses, and cats. I have loved sharing our stories about them, as we have honored them in our lives in a very big way. I will continue that story line from time to time when we experience something worthy of your time. But, now, I would like to talk about my original art work that is for sale.

This is an experience I have never had before, because I have been blessed to have exhibited in art galleries across the U.S., museums, and trade shows. And, I still have the international publishing house who takes more than 90% of my images to publish and distribute worldwide.

But, today, I wanted to share with you this 10” x 20” acrylic painting of “Keepin’ Up”, showing horses on the run, with a very young - maybe 2-month old foal, keeping up with his herd. I loved the fact that the speed of the adult horses didn’t bother the little fella sporting his adult length legs. Horses can run 35 mph. I loved the photo that I was so grateful to get from a friend who has been a rancher, showed horses, and just a wonderful, amazing all around “cowgirl”, as well as a host of many other occupations.

She took the photo at the ranch of Harry Vold, a very famous stock contractor for professional rodeos spanning 80 years. The ranch is very much in business today, with his daughter running the outfit. If you are interested in this painting, you can contact me or Jerry on my website to discuss the price and the shipping. Thank you again for sticking with me on my adventures.


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