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Peaceful, Easy Feelin’ by Wildlife Artist Kathy Winkler

I have some show stopping memories behind this painting. First of all, Jerry and I visited a Longhorn Ranch in Lampasas, TX, almost 14 years ago - in fact, one of many around the Austin, College Station area. This 3-4 year old Longhorn bull had just been given about 14 cows and was surveying his “property” lying down. His longhorn cows were all grazing. The owner of the ranch said I could go over and sit by him (like 6 feet away) and feel comfortable. Well, I did just that. I loved the way he just looked out and was deep in thought and could have cared less whether I was there admiring him, as I sketched, took notes and shot photos of him.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I thought of this bull many times, and if he would make a good painting. I had just suffered some severe injuries from an accident I had with one of my horses. The main culprit was a compound fracture of my right humerus. According to the orthopedic surgeon, we would needed wait a couple of weeks before surgery to see if the severed bone could connect - 80% of them do, mine did not.

Since I had no connection between my lower arm and upper arm, I originally thought I couldn’t paint (right-handed) until my arm was repaired. So, I had Jerry set up a card table with my table easel, thinking I could manage to work on a small canvas (16 x 16), propped up by a couple of pillows, rolled towels, and holding my right hand steady with my left hand so that I could paint. Otherwise, my right hand and lower arm was totally useless. I had one last painting to do before my art show in Houston, so this bull is what couldn’t leave my head space. I flew to Houston with basically one arm, bones rubbing but stabilized carefully in a sling.

As soon as I flew back to Virginia, I made an appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon, and he scheduled surgery the very next day.

Now, as far as “Peaceful, Easy, Feelin’” is concerned. The international publishing house, Old World Art Group, where images from my paintings are sold, has to this date, sold over 10,000 images of “Peaceful, Easy, Feelin’” world-wide.


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