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Positive Reinforcement

Today’s story is by Jerry, although it is about Kathy. You may recall a recent blog about a new exhibit of Kathy’s artwork at the main library in Fredericksburg, Va. This blog is about comments about Kathy and her artwork. For a little background, the library staff did a fantastic job in hanging the art and when we initially visited the exhibit, we met with a regular painting group of women and men, and in the discussion, Kathy, as she is compelled to do, asked if she could bring in cookies for the staff. Given Covid, she was told they would have to get approval. She was given approval, so she baked seven dozen “Cowboy cookies” and we took them to the library. As we were leaving the library, exiting past the exhibit I noticed several people discussing the exhibit. I spoke up and said, “This is the artist!”, referring to Kathy. Well, she received glowing comments and questions about how she had done certain things.

It turned out that the individuals were local artists who met every Thursday at the library to present their artwork for conversation and comment. They invited Kathy to attend their meetings, which she did this morning. When I returned from running some errands I went back into the meeting area, was introduced, and began to talk to a couple of the artists. One of the artists said two things that I subsequently related to Kathy. She asked me to tell the story in this blog. The two things she said were “Kathy’s art work is what we are all aspiring to achieve.”, and “Kathy’s artwork is truly ‘fine art’ and could be hung in any home to exhibit.”


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