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Just when I thought I was finished with this painting - I had put it away for a few days, retrieved it from the closet, and put it up on my easel. Wow! Was I surprised. I gazed at the longhorn just to the left of the one drinking water (viewer’s left). One horn was longer than the other, and the longhorn’s head was face on, so it would be impossible. So, I began the process of painting them out, and then re-establishing them. Once satisfied, I wasn’t particularly fond of the sky I had painted, so I repainted it a few times until I got it as light as I thought it should be.

Well, then, that left the wheat grass and foreground somewhat in competition with the sky, so I repainted them as well. I must have repainted the foreground 3 times before I had a satisfied feeling, not to mention the grass. Then, I painted the image in the water, and glazed the top of the water with a cloudy film to make the tank look deep. I was then ready to put the finishing touch on the painting by painting the longhorn’s eyes. Now, it spoke of feeling and aliveness. Finished with the painting, I felt so very satisfied. I decided to include quotes with my finished paintings. Here is the first one.

“Ultimately, art is trying to see things that other people don’t see”

By Trevor Puglen


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